15” LED TV 15L1

Panel Size: 15Inch  A Grade with New Led Light


Cabinet: Plastic with Five layers Carton box package

Power Consumption: 15-25W  12V worked from 9V-18.5V

Warranty for one year



15 LED TV 15L1/15 LED TV 12V/15 LED SOLAR TV
15″LED TV Specification Details:
1.LCD Panel:15inch
2.Power Consumption:16-25W
4.Placed Way:Standing or Wall-mounted
7. Screen Ratio:4:3
8.Input Signal:HDMI/VGA/YPbPr/AV_IN/AV_OUT/RF/EARPHONES/Digital audio output/USB
9.External Power: 12V Or Internal Cable
10.Panel Kind: 5V 
11.DC Battery Cable
12.Operating voltage:100V-240VAC 60/50Hz    12V DC 8V-18V / Solar and Battery Box
13.Remote Area: ≥8m ±30°
14.Working Environment:
Temperature:5℃~40℃ Humidity:10%~85% Atmospheric Pressure:86KPa~104KPa
15.Storage Environment:
Temperature:-20℃~55℃ Humidity:5%~95% Atmospheric Pressure:86kPa~104kPa
Other Function & Option
We also have high voltage protect way: When input voltage higher than DC 12V,ourput always constant vltage DC12V,this way can protect TV.
Input Voltage Output Voltage to TV
<9V 0V (Protected TV)
When: >9 <12V Actual Voltage
When: >12v <18.5v Constant Voltage DC 12V
When: > 18.5V 0V(Protected TV)
People Power for TV most in 3 ways:
1.AC-DC : that is no problem,voltage is normal
2.By solar system and battery: this way will damage the tv,because the voltage maybe 18.5V,The TV can be damaged
3.By battery: this way will damage the TV,because the voltage will be 14.8V,if people use DC 24V battery,the TV will damage soon.
So,our TV have voltage protect,it is very important!
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