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To guarantee product quality, we strictly implement the SGS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and SGS ISO 14001: 2004 Environment Management System. We have a QC team comprising 30 people, most of who have over 3 years’ quality assurance experiences. Materials entry and products delivery all need to go through strict inspection. With spot inspection and cross inspection in combination, we never let any defective product out of our factory, to fulfill our customers 100% satisfaction.

New product design and approval
■ Design review
Generally there are following three types of sources for design and development:
New product development project determined based on customers requirements.
New product development project determined by the Company;
New product development project determined according to the market research report made by the Marketing Department.
In each phase of design and development, we will carry out debugging, inspection, test and appraisal, to further improve the design proposal and ensure effective development.
During design review, we will conduct an overall evaluation on production process, quality, reliability and market potential.
Design and development output will be started after review.
■ Design sample sealing
Prototype parts will be tested by the R&D Department first, and if Ok, then sent to the Quality Assurance Department for reliability test. All parts must go through a 7×24 hours operation test.
IF the test result is OK, parts will be sealed and sent to the Quality Assurance Department as inspection basis.

Purchase Management Control Procedures
■ Fully review the production, technology capability, quality, lead time, price, and service of the suppliers, make sure that their cooperation capability can meet our requirements, get the quality of our products improved stably, and supervise all suppliers.
■ Proofing and enquiry: After selecting preliminary suppliers, provide sealed samples to 2 or more suppliers for their proofing and quotation. The samples will be sent back to the R&D Department for testing, trial assembly, and then decision.
■ On-site examination and review on suppliers: after proofing and quotation is confirmed, the Purchase Department must require suppliers who have an intention of cooperation to provide relevant documents according to the Purchase Management Control Procedures.

Reviewing contents mainly include:
√ Quality management system implementation
√ Product design and development capability, and technical support.
√ Incoming quality control, in-process quality control and outgoing quality control.
√ Production process management and production capability.
√ Production technological level and instrument and equipment.
√ Delivery management and after sales service.
Assessment Panel Collect results of an investigation, and fill the final assessment contents in the “Supplier Evaluation Form”, qualified submitted to company vice president for approval, managed as a qualified supplier .

Supplier quality improvement
■ The Purchase Department will organize an evaluation team to re-evaluate and rate all suppliers in the respect of quality, price, delivery time and quantity, and degree of adaptability. The evaluation result will be filled in the Supplier Evaluation Form and the rate will be confirmed.
■ We will suspend purchasing or decrease purchasing quantity from suppliers who fail in the evaluation, and ask them to make improvement.
■ We can send quality engineers to assist disqualified suppliers, who want to make improvement, in production process review, division of work and labor, and production distribution adjustment.
■ We will check the improvement progress of disqualified suppliers every three days until they become qualified.

In-process quality control
■ The Production Department and Engineering Department are responsible for providing comprehensive accurate product drawings and other technical documents.
■ The Planning Department is responsible for making production plans and material requirement plans, and monitoring them.
√ The Production Department is responsible for carrying out production according to the production plan.
√ The Production Department is responsible for installation, commissioning, spot check and maintenance of production equipments.
√ The Production Department is responsible for offering technical guidance to production personnel, controlling each?process, and making sure that the assembly process is correctly implemented.
√ The Production Department is responsible for organizing production in order and making sure all production tasks are finished on time.
√ The Production Department is responsible for recording data related to product and production process.
√ The Quality Assurance Department is responsible for inspection on work-in-progress and finished products.

Quality trace-ability control

■ The materials can be traced according to the item number and name, finished products can be traced according to the serial number, and product name, model, quantity, and customer name will be printed on the package.
■ When quality issues occur or customers are not satisfied with the quality, the products can be traced according to the inspection records, production records, and serial number.
■ Quality status and background of products can also be traced according to the material requisition, production schedule, daily production report, serial number, inspection report, and production order, and so on.
■ After defective products are reworked, the repair man will fill the defect cause and solutions in the repair statement and submit to the Engineering Department for reviewing and storing.
■ QA will fill in the Finished Product Inspection Statement for spot checked products every day and keep for over 1 year.

Production process problem point analysis and improvement

■ IF any abnormity is found during self-inspection of production line, the Production Department will send a Notice of Abnormity, and if any abnormity is found by the Quality Assurance Department, the Quality Assurance Department will send a Notice of Abnormity. The Engineering Department will analyze which department is responsible for the abnormity and require the responsible department to analyze cause and present correction and prevention measures.
■ Upon receipt of the notice of abnormity, the responsible department will fully analyze the abnormal parameters and make correction.
■ When the reason for the problem point is unknown or there is serious complaint about quality, the Quality Assurance Department will report to the top leader and establish a project improvement team to solve problems in timely.
■ The notice issuing department will check whether the correction measures work or not. IF yes, close the case, and if not, require the responsible department to solve within 2 working days, otherwise report to the Executive Department.
■ Standardize the measures.

Complaint handling

■ Upon receiving complaints, the Marketing Department will timely start investigation.
■ IF the investigation results coincide with the customer’s complaint, the Marketing Department will forward the complaint to the responsible department.
■ The responsible department will present correction and prevention measures within 2 working days.
■ IF finding that outgoing products may have potential defects or safety hazards, the Quality Assurance Department and Engineering Department will ask the top leadership and related departments to carry out investigation.
■ IF the potential defects and safety hazards are confirmed and products need to be recalled, the Marketing Department will communicate with the customers.
■ The Quality Assurance Department will summarize complaint handling progress and inform related departments to review every month.