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Dec 2017

Salt Spray Erosion Resistant

Wide Range Voltage
Wide voltage refer to the wide adaptability between electric equipment, voltage. Different level from 100V to 240V

Salt Spray Erosion Resistant
Salt spray corrosion resistance technology refer to the ability of corrosion coating resisting the erosion of salt spray. Since the air in coastal and offshore areas contain rich showed a diffuse tiny teardrop-shaped salt fog, salt spray containing air in addition to high relative humidity, its specific gravity are larger than air, easy settlement on various objects, the chloride in salt spray  has a strong corrosive effect on metal materials and protective coating. Resistant to salt spray corrosion test is  the most classic and most widely used test items in all kinds of anti-corrosion coating performance test. On many industrial production, mining, underground engineering, defense engineering and appraisal program has become a very useful method.